I’m not just a painter, designer or decorator … I’m designer!

I have a gift to awaken emotions in people through the beauty around us.

I offer products that I would like to place at my home. I also paint paintings that I have hung on my wall. Everything I remake, redesign, modify or create, I do with the greatest care and love.

Each piece is original and will not be repeated. I only decorate it once, I only paint it once, I only put it together in a composition once…

I do not support the interior according to the architect’s ideas, but on the contrary I try to perceive the client and create a real home based on your feeling. A home that will breathe your style, shine with your colors, express your style and must speak your experiences. For this purpose I will choose furniture, assemble decorations and flowers, paint the walls or modify something you already have, what I will find somewhere or I will custom make for you.

In short, contact me to design the interior of an apartment, house, but also a hotel or commercial space. I will not refuse to adjust your work place. I will equip you with such pieces that you will not get rid of because you will stick to them.

However, get ready for a rush of strong energy and a breath of art 🙂

Your Míša