BcA. Michaela Skuhravá, MBA graduated from the Secondary School and subsequently from the University in the field of design, clothing specialization and holds an academic degree in the field of design and engineering.

Thanks to this, she acquired a complete painting preparation and painting technique from drawing with charcoal through painting nudes, landscapes or still lifes to sketching. She studied art history, the history of world brands, artists, painters and architects.


She is able to develop not only a design, but she knows production and construction procedures very well, she enjoys researching and discovering new techniques and materials, both visually and sensory.Sensory or tactile sense is its strong point. She enjoys playing with a colorful song and combining different styles, so she can sometimes look a bit like a chameleon.

At first, she devoted herself only to fashion design, creating mainly dresses, suits, but also other interesting pieces to measure, which was the initial phase of the Skuhravá Michaela brand. In this field, however, she encountered the limits of her customers, who suppressed her creativity and imagination

Therefore, she decided to fully release her, sometimes even slightly exaggerated, energy with a bit of provocation and project it into her PICTURES, where she does not have to fight with any restrictions. He shows his love for materials and attention to detail in INTERIOR DESIGN and gives rise to unique DECORATIONS as well as his own FURNITURE.


Each PICTURE, vase or armchair expresses the current perception, feeling, thought that is projected into it.

Her SPECIAL, MULTILATERAL STYLE and great FANTASY, which evokes a sensory experience, is desirable in this case and we can look forward to really interesting things. It is definitely worth capturing a unique piece for yourself, either as an investment or as a unique decoration..


Brand Skuhravá Michaela gives free rein to the thoughts, creative soul and unbridled energy of its founder. He projects his passion and sense for detail into art in the form of PAINTINGS, INTERIOR DESIGN, FURNITURE and DECORATION. Her handwriting is UNIQUE and sometimes she likes to return to some FASHION SHOT.


Each piece is original and therefore VALUE. Express your individuality by indulging in something with its unique MANUSCRIPT.